Christening Poem from God Parents


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To my Godson on the day of your Christening,
There’s a few things to say, so are you listening?
Today is the day Mummy & Daddy have been waiting for;
They get to show you off and leave their friends in awe.
We will all stand about and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’
At how you’ve grown and developed so far.
You’ll be passed about from one relative to another,
Does he look more like his father or his mother?
There’ll be a small section I feel I must point out,
Something it’s only fair to warn you about,
For a few brief moments they’ll wet your head,
You’ll miss all religious meaning and just cry instead.
Try not to worry, it won’t last long,
We’ll say a few words and then sing a song.
I’ll be asked if I’m willing and up to the job.
Your parents probably think I have a few bob,
I’m sure that’s the reason they’ve chosen me,
So if all else fails I can set you up nicely.
But inheritance aside, I will try my best
To guide you through every trial and test.
I’ll be there to offer some simple advice;
Try never to make the same mistake twice.
So here it starts, I wish us both well.
You can confide in me all you daren’t tell.
When Mum or Dad might disapprove or shout
You’ll learn what a Godmother is all about.