Christening Poem from Parents


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To our little boy on the day of your Christening,
There’s a few things to say, so are you listening?
Today is the day we have been waiting for;
We get to show you off and leave our friends in awe.
We will all stand about and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’
At how you’ve grown and developed so far.
You’ll be passed about from one relative to another,
Does he look more like his father or his mother?
There’ll be a small section we feel we must point out,
Something it’s only fair to warn you about,
For a few brief moments they’ll wet your head,
You’ll miss all religious meaning and just cry instead.
Try not to worry, it won’t last long,
We’ll say a few words and then sing a song.
We’ll take lots of pictures for you to see one day,
They’ll be in an album stored away,
You’ll dust it off and ask what we were thinking,
What were we wearing, and had we been drinking?
Your Godparents have been chosen specially
So if all else fails they can set you up nicely.
But we have everything covered and will do our best,
To guide you through every trial and test,
We’ll be there to cheer you on through every feat,
Celebrating your victories and consoling you in defeat.
Ready for the years to come, with each changing of a nappy,
One thing will always be true; if you’re happy, we’re happy.