How do I create a personalised poem?
Personalised poems are created by entering as much information as possible into the 'Personal Content' box. The more you tell us, the better your poem will be.

What kind of information works well?
Anything from funny stories, little routines, habits and private jokes, as well as background information such as names, professions, age etc.

What if I don't like my poem, will I be refunded?
In the instance that you aren't satisfied with your poem we try our best to work out why and change any details you aren't happy with. Given the personalised nature of the gift, a refund is not possible.

What if my poem is intended for a speech or service reading?
A word doc copy of your poem can be provided in addition to the framed product, to insert into the rest of your speech or to print off for a reading. Please email us to request your copy.

What if I need my poem or card delivery more urgently than the options stated?
Please call us, or send an email detailing your turn around needs and we will endeavour to meet them.